Sep 5 2017

And, Around We Go

You don your bow tie or your noir dress; feel like “Bond” or his Girl, and you choose a Roulette table. The European wheels have numbers from 0 – 36 in the US 0 – 37. You pick up your chips if they are coloured, remember, coloured chips are for identifying you the player, they are not cashable, you will need to exchange them for casino chips when cashing up. You’re dressed, you have your chips, and all you need is a winning strategy. Some pointers? There’s no magic trick. Play at a reputable casino/site, don’t risk your money before learning how to play, avoid get rich quick schemes, have a plan and a budget in mind, and stick to your budget. There are quite a few strategies that you can lean before you play, click here and start getting to grips with them. Puzzled, you gawk at the roulette table. The croupier sees you lost. “The individual numbers area is known as the ‘inside betting’.” She Explains. “The numbers are in 12 rows of three and are in three columns. At the top columns is 0, in the US there’s also 00. You have higher odds at 35-1 if you make a ‘Straight up’ bet, that is, an ‘inside’ bet on a specific number. In addition, others are ‘Inside Bets’ Split, Street, Quad, Basket, and Double Street bets.” Learn more about odds before you play to avoid feeling like a total beginner. Her hand hovers over the ‘outside’ area, “The ‘outside’ bets are; Red & Black, Odds and Evens, Dozens, and Column bets. They don’t involve specific numbers and are on the outside of the numbers area, hence the name. We have a minimum and a maximum bet. Minimum bet cannot be split.” Smiling, she says, “Winning in roulette, is pure luck, each number has the exact same chance of landing every time.” Now, let’s see. Dress? Check. Chips? – Check. Strategy?…Hmmm! “Place your bets, please…” Wait! Where’s my Vodka Martini?

Jun 20 2017

American vs. European – What’s The Difference?

Roulette is a worldwide game and though historically it originated from the same source, over time different versions have been developed based on where in the world it has been played. The main two versions of roulette are the European and American. Whilst for the most part they are very similar, there are a few marked differences, which can change the gameplay entirely.

How is Roulette set up?

Before we explain the differences between American and European roulette, it is important to understand the basics of play and the set up. Roulette is comprised of a wheel and a roulette board. The numbers on the roulette wheel correlate with the numbers on the board. The numbers alternate between red and black coloured pockets, except for the zero, which has a green background. Players place their bets by putting their chips on the number on the board that they believe the ball will land on. Once bets are placed, the dealer spins the wheel and drops in the ball. The rest is up to fate.

The Differences

Now for the differences. Though small they are significant. The difference between the two types is in the numbers and therefore the winning odds. A European wheel contains the numbers from (and including) zero all the way up to 36. An American wheel, on the other hand, contains one extra number, a double zero as well as a single one. What does this mean for players? Simply, the odds on the American Roulette wheel favour the house rather than the player. An extra number gives an extra variable against which the player has to contend. Odds of winning on a European wheel are at 1 in 37, but on an American wheel it is 1 in 38.

May 15 2017

Spinning the Wheel

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games. As such it comes in many forms. There is the traditional version that is an actual wheel, based in brick and mortar casinos. Then there is the online electronic version that has become popular in recent years along with the increase in online casinos. Last, there is also the option to play Roulette in a live online casino, a more recent addition to the Roulette repertoire. All of these options will be discussed below.Roulette is simply a large wheel with red and black pockets all around the edge. Each pocket holds a different number and players place bets on the number and colour they think the ball will land in once the wheel has stopped spinning. In a land-based casino, this is pretty straightforward. Players stand tableside, and place their bets on the board with chips. The dealer drops the ball and spins the wheel.Online video Roulette is very similar to the land-based version. The only difference really is that the player is entirely alone. The spin of the wheel is entirely based on algorithms within the electronically programmed game. Some say that this is even more trustworthy than playing with a dealer, as there is less room for error, human or otherwise. Online games go through rigorous auditing to make sure all software remains fair.Last, there are live Roulette games. These are replicas of casino rooms but only contain one dealer. There are multiple video cameras set up with live feeds going back to the players who sit at home. They can communicate with the dealer by an online chat function and place bets as they would for the video Roulette.All offer excellent game opportunities, and it simply depends on personal preference as to what a player wants to experience.

Feb 13 2015

Roulette Is Just The Beginning

If you’re thinking of visiting a casino, either in person or online, you’re opening yourself up to a world filled with games that are sure to get your heart racing and your mind working overtime.You’d be forgiven for thinking that Roulette is the only game worth playing; this couldn’t be further from the truth. Whilst Roulette is definitely one of the most popular ways to win (and lose!) money, a quick look around the tables will show you that casinos offer a wealth of games based both on skill and on chance.

What Games Are Out There?

Typically, the other games offered by casinos consist of Blackjack, Poker and Baccarat. Blackjack is one of the more popular owing to it being a true test of risk, whilst Poker conjures up images of hardened players who have spent years honing their skills. Ultimately, whilst it is not the most simple of games, Poker is indeed more reliant on skill, and the player’s ability to ‘bluff’ other players, rather than straight chance.Baccarat is a French game dating back to the 15th century, and there are two variants; however, nearly all Baccarat games played in casinos worldwide are ‘Punto Banco’ Baccarat, a version which is down solely to chance.As well as games played at traditional tables with dealers, slot machines and video versions of the above games are in plentiful supply at any decent casino.

How Do I Learn To Play These Games?

Knowing the rules before heading into the casino will help you; you’ll be taken seriously at the table. It also prevent you from inadvertently breaking the rules and getting ejected from the game, or worse still, the casino itself.

Feb 4 2015

Two Simple Roulette Betting Strategies

Roulette is a popular casino game which involves players making bets on where they think that the ball will land in a roulette wheel. Players can bet on a roulette board which has numbers that correspond to those in the roulette wheel. American roulette wheels typically have 38 colored and numbered pockets on the wheel, whereas in Europe there are usually 37 numbers on the wheel. There are several systems which may help to give players an edge when playing roulette either online or on a casino. We reveal two simple roulette strategies and what they entail.

The James Bond Strategy

Ian Fleming, the famous author who wrote the Bond series, said that this strategy would earn him the price of a good dinner when he used it everyday.To start you will need the equivalent of $200 worth of chips. You will place $140 as a column bet onto the numbers 19-36. Then place $50 on numbers 13 – 18 and the remaining $10 worth of chips onto 0. Although this theory is certainly not foolproof (as Fleming proclaims), if the ball lands between 13 – 36 or on 0 you will enjoy a tidy profit.

Odd or Even Bets

This is one of the most simple betting strategies out there. It works by watching a game until several odd or even number have come up consecutively. When you spot a pattern you are ready to place a bet onto odd or even (the opposite of the winning streak that has happened).Try out the above strategies for yourself and see how they work out for you. You never know, you could get lucky!