Spinning the Wheel

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games. As such it comes in many forms. There is the traditional version that is an actual wheel, based in brick and mortar casinos. Then there is the online electronic version that has become popular in recent years along with the increase in online casinos. Last, there is also the option to play Roulette in a live online casino, a more recent addition to the Roulette repertoire. All of these options will be discussed below.

Roulette is simply a large wheel with red and black pockets all around the edge. Each pocket holds a different number and players place bets on the number and colour they think the ball will land in once the wheel has stopped spinning. In a land-based casino, this is pretty straightforward. Players stand tableside, and place their bets on the board with chips. The dealer drops the ball and spins the wheel.

Online video Roulette is very similar to the land-based version. The only difference really is that the player is entirely alone. The spin of the wheel is entirely based on algorithms within the electronically programmed game. Some say that this is even more trustworthy than playing with a dealer, as there is less room for error, human or otherwise. Online games go through rigorous auditing to make sure all software remains fair.

Last, there are live Roulette games. These are replicas of casino rooms but only contain one dealer. There are multiple video cameras set up with live feeds going back to the players who sit at home. They can communicate with the dealer by an online chat function and place bets as they would for the video Roulette.

All offer excellent game opportunities, and it simply depends on personal preference as to what a player wants to experience.