And, Around We Go

You don your bow tie or your noir dress; feel like “Bond” or his Girl, and you choose a Roulette table. The European wheels have numbers from 0 – 36 in the US 0 – 37. You pick up your chips if they are coloured, remember, coloured chips are for identifying you the player, they are not cashable, you will need to exchange them for casino chips when cashing up. You’re dressed, you have your chips, and all you need is a winning strategy. Some pointers? There’s no magic trick. Play at a reputable casino/site, don’t risk your money before learning how to play, avoid get rich quick schemes, have a plan and a budget in mind, and stick to your budget. There are quite a few strategies that you can lean before you play, click here and start getting to grips with them. Puzzled, you gawk at the roulette table. The croupier sees you lost. “The individual numbers area is known as the ‘inside betting’.” She Explains. “The numbers are in 12 rows of three and are in three columns. At the top columns is 0, in the US there’s also 00. You have higher odds at 35-1 if you make a ‘Straight up’ bet, that is, an ‘inside’ bet on a specific number. In addition, others are ‘Inside Bets’ Split, Street, Quad, Basket, and Double Street bets.” Learn more about odds before you play to avoid feeling like a total beginner. Her hand hovers over the ‘outside’ area, “The ‘outside’ bets are; Red & Black, Odds and Evens, Dozens, and Column bets. They don’t involve specific numbers and are on the outside of the numbers area, hence the name. We have a minimum and a maximum bet. Minimum bet cannot be split.” Smiling, she says, “Winning in roulette, is pure luck, each number has the exact same chance of landing every time.” Now, let’s see. Dress? Check. Chips? – Check. Strategy?…Hmmm! “Place your bets, please…” Wait! Where’s my Vodka Martini?